Benefits & Perks of Virtual Offices

A virtual office is generally a physical office location that you do not intend to actually work from… at least most of the time. Virtual offices are popular with individuals and sole proprietors who want some of the benefits of an office, but without the full commitment and higher cost of a traditional office space arrangement.

Mail Forwarding – With this, you typically get a prestigious office address that is a “physical address” where your mail can be sent, and then the company forwards the mail to your home or other address. A benefit here is that you don’t need to use your home address as your business address; this service essentially “masks” that.

Call Answering – Many virtual office providers offer phone call answering services where a live human being answers the phone with your business’s name and greeting, and then can screen and/or transfer calls. It’s a higher-end alternative to an automated phone system, and adds a personal touch without the cost of paying a full-time receptionist.

Meeting Rooms – In today’s world, lots of professionals work from home but might have the occasional need for professional meeting space. With a virtual office, you typically either pay per hour for a conference room or meeting space, or it’s included as part of your monthly fee. Again, the advantage is that you can use a nicely appointed conference room or meeting room to meet with clients, prospects, etc. without the full-time overhead that would be wasteful if you only used the conference room a few times a year.